Printer Setup Overview
Printer Setup Overview

Printer Setup Overview

This section provides a high-level outline of how to set up your Zebra printer which includes (1) the hardware setup and (2) the host system or software/driver setup.
After finding an appropriate location for the printer but BEFORE plugging in the printer to a power source⁠, download the printer drivers on the laptop or PC that you will use to set up and manage the printer (see step 2).
You will need a roll of media (labels, receipt paper, tags, etc.) to set up your first test print. Go to or contact your reseller to help you select the right media for your use.
  1. Place the printer in a safe location with access to a power source, and one where you can connect it to your PC, laptop or mobile device using either interface cables or through wireless. (See location considerations in Attaching Power.)
  2. Access to download and install the Zebra Setup Utilities (ZSU) for your Windows operating system (OS). The utility includes the latest drivers, installation wizards, and various tools to assist you in managing your printer.
    Optionally download Android, iPhone, and iPad apps that will help you manage your Zebra printer.
  3. Attach the printer and power supply to a grounded AC power source (see Attaching Power).
  4. Load the media (see Loading Roll Media).
    The printer auto-calibrates (see Media Sensing).
  5. Print a Configuration Report to verify basic printer operation (see Printing a Test (Printer Configuration) Label).
  6. Turn the printer OFF (
  7. Choose a method to communicate with your printer using either a wired connection—USB port, optional serial port, or optional Ethernet—or a wireless connection such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and establish the connection.