Replacing the Printhead
Replacing the Printhead

Replacing the Printhead

If you need to replace the printhead, read the procedure and review the removal and installation steps before actually replacing the printhead.
Prepare your work area by protecting against static discharge. Your work area must be static-safe and include a properly grounded conductive cushioned mat to hold the printer and a conductive wrist strap for yourself.
Turn the printer power off and unplug the power cord before replacing the printhead.
Before following the steps in this procedure, open the printer by pulling the release latches forward and then lifting the top cover.
To remove the printhead:
  1. Push the printhead’s right side catch to the right.
  2. Pull the printhead forward and pull it free of the top case if necessary.
  3. Unplug both bundles of printhead wires from their connectors.
  4. Align the printhead to plug the left and right connectors into the wire bundles.
  5. Slide the printhead into the left side and jog it into the right side catch.
  6. Clean the print head as described under Cleaning the Printhead.
  7. Reload media. Plugin the power cord, turn on the printer, and print a status report to ensure proper function. See Printing a Test (Printer Configuration) Label.