Communications Diagnostics
Communications Diagnostics

Communications Diagnostics

If there is a problem transferring data between the computer and printer, try putting the printer in the communications diagnostics mode.
The printer will print the ASCII characters and their respective hexadecimal values for any data received from the host computer. See sample included below.
To find out how.
There are multiple ways to enter hex data dump mode:
  • The
    ZPL command
  • The dump EPL command
  • On power up with the
    button pressed. See the power-off mode procedure in Feed Button Modes.
The printer will print
Now in DUMP
(see below) and advance to the top of the next label.
The following example of a communications DUMP mode printed out. The printout displays hexadecimal data 00h-FFh (0-255 decimal) with a unique character for each hexadecimal value displayed above the hexadecimal data.
The blank lines between the lines of data are where the serial port and Bluetooth data handling errors get logged. The errors are:
  • F
    = Frame Error
  • P
    = Parity Error
  • N
    = Noise Error
  • O
    = Data Overrun Error
To exit the diagnostic mode and resume printing, turn off and then turn on the printer. An alternate method for exiting the diagnostic mode is to press the
button as many times as it takes to clear the printer’s command buffer and print
Out of DUMP
on the label.