Modes of Printing
Modes of Printing

Modes of Printing

You can operate your GK420d printer in various modes and media configurations.
Direct thermal printing
Uses heat-sensitive media to print.
Standard Tear-Off mode
Allows you to tear off each label or to batch print a strip of labels after the printer has printed.
Label Dispense Mode
If your printer has the optional label dispenser factory-installed, the dispenser can peel away the backing material from the label as it is being printed, and then print the next label.
The printer can print without being connected to a computer using the printer’s auto-running label form feature (programming based) or by using a data input device connected to the printer’s serial port. This mode accommodates data input devices, such as scanners, weigh scales, Zebra KDU (Keyboard Display Unit) or Zebra KDU Plus, etc.
Shared network printing
Printers configured with the Ethernet interface option include an internal print server with a ZebraLink printer configuration web page and ZebraNet Bridge software for managing and monitoring the status of Zebra printers on a network.