Connecting your Printer to a Device

Connecting your Printer to a Device

Zebra printers support a variety of interface options and configurations.
Printer interface options include:
  • Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface
  • RS-232 Serial
  • Parallel (IEEE 1284.4)
  • 10/100 Ethernet
The Zebra Setup Utility is designed to assist you with installing these interfaces. Be sure to review the cabling and unique parameters for each physical printer communication interface in Interface Cable Requirements and Interface Wiring. This will help you make configuration setup choices before and immediately after applying power to the printer.
Keep the power switch in the OFF position when attaching the interface cable. The power cord must be inserted into the power supply and the power receptacle on the back of the printer before you connect or disconnect the communications cables.
The Zebra Setup Utility configuration wizards will instruct you to turn the printer’s power on at the appropriate time to complete the printer installation.