Replacing the Printhead
Replacing the Printhead

Replacing the Printhead

If you need to replace the printhead, read the procedure and review the removal and installation steps before actually replacing the printhead.
Prepare your work area by protecting it against static discharge. Your work area must be static-safe and include a properly grounded conductive cushioned mat to hold the printer and a conductive wrist strap for yourself.
Turn printer power OFF and unplug the power cord before replacing the printhead.
Before following the steps in this procedure, open the printer by pulling the release latches forward and then lifting the top cover.
To remove the printhead:
  1. Remove any transfer ribbon from the printer.
  2. Grasp the print head spring and pull it to the left; then, slide it free of the carriage.
  3. Use the spring to pry the printhead clip off the right side of the carriage.
  4. Pull the printhead and bracket forward.
  5. Use a #2 Phillips driver to remove the screw that holds the ground wire.
  6. Unplug both bundles of printhead wires from their connectors.
  7. The new printhead comes with a clip and a ground screw attached.
  8. Align the printhead and bracket to plug the left and right connectors into the black and white wire bundles.
  9. Attach the ground wire and secure it with the screw, then use a #2 Phillips driver to tighten it.
  10. Slip the left end of the printhead spring into the left side of the ribbon carriage; then slide the right end into the other side. The angle of the “V” fits into the indent on the top of the printhead bracket.
  11. Insert the bracket pegs into the left side of the carriage.
  12. Align the right side of the bracket and insert the printhead clip through the right side of the ribbon carriage into the bracket.
  13. Verify that the printhead moves up and down freely when pressure is applied and remains locked when released.
  14. Clean the printhead. Use a new pen to wipe body oils (fingerprints) and debris from the printhead. Clean from the center of the printhead to the outside (see Cleaning the Printhead).
  15. Reload media into the printer. Plug in the power cord, turn printer power ON, and print a status report to ensure proper function (see Printing a Test (Printer Configuration) Label).