Modes of Printing
Modes of Printing

Modes of Printing

You can operate this printer in many different modes and media configurations:
  • Direct thermal printing (which uses heat-sensitive media to print).
  • Thermal transfer printing (which uses a ribbon to heat transfer print to the media).
  • Standard Tear-Off mode allows you to tear off each label (or batch print a strip of labels) after it is printed.
  • Label Dispense Mode: If an optional dispenser is installed, the backing material can be peeled away from the label as it is printed. After this label is removed, the next one is printed.
  • Stand-alone: The printer can print without being connected to a computer using the printer’s auto-running label form feature (programming based) or by using a data input device connected to the printer’s serial port. This mode accommodates data input devices, such as scanners, weigh scales, Zebra KDU Plus or Zebra KDU (Keyboard Display Unit), etc.
  • Shared network printing: Printers configured with the Ethernet interface option include an internal print server with a ZebraLink printer configuration web page and ZebraNet Bridge software for managing and monitoring the status of Zebra printers on a network.