KDU Plus — Printer Accessory
KDU Plus — Printer Accessory

KDU Plus — Printer Accessory

The KDU Plus is a terminal device with memory for storing files and maintaining one or more remote printers. The KDU Plus has a larger laptop-style keyboard than the Zebra’s original KDU design.
The KDU Plus is designed for the following functions:
  • List label forms stored in the printer
  • Retrieve label forms stored in the printer
  • Input variable data
  • Printing labels
  • File storage and transfer
The KDU Plus is designed to work with ZPL and EPL printers by dynamically detecting and switching the printer’s communications configuration (DTE or DCE) to match your Zebra printer. By default, the KDU Plus will start-up forms mode. This is compatible with the operation of Zebra’s original KDU. The KDU Plus is configurable to work in ZPL or terminal modes too.
The KDU Plus has file transfer and storage capabilities. This is great for maintaining remote and stand-alone printers with label forms, logos, and smaller font sets.
The KDU Plus has two configurable serial ports and a PS/2 port to connect to other data input devices such as scanners, weigh scales, etc.
The +5 volts from the printer’s serial (pin 9) provides power for the KDU Plus and any additional input devices attached to the KDU Plus.
Maximum total current draw for the G-Series printer’s serial port: 750mA
The KDU Plus’s current without external input devices attached is: 50mA
* Not real values
( 45mA + 120mA + 25mA ) + 50mA < Max. Current
The KDU Plus’s input ports (AUX1, AUX2, and PS/2 style) are not fused. Exceeding the total current draw available could damage an input device, KDU Plus, or the printer.