ZebraNet 10/100 Internal (Wired) Print Server Option
ZebraNet 10/100 Internal (Wired) Print Server Option

ZebraNet 10/100 Internal (Wired) Print Server Option

The ZebraNet 10/100 Internal Print Server (PS) is an optional factory-installed device that connects the network and your ZebraLink-enabled printer.
The print server provides you with a browser interface for printer and print server settings. If you use the ZebraNet Bridge Zebra network printer management software, you can easily access the specialized features of a ZebraLink-enabled printer.
Printers with the 10/100 Internal PS provide the following features:
  • Print server and printer setup using a browser
  • Remote monitoring and configuration capability of the 10/100 Internal PS using a browser
  • Alerts
  • The ability for you to send unsolicited printer status messages via E-mail-enabled devices
ZebraNet Bridge—A software program that works with the 10/100 Internal PS and enhances the features of ZebraLink resident within ZPL-based printers. The features include the following:
  • Locate Printers automatically—ZebraNet Bridge searches on parameters such as IP address, subnet, printer model, printer status, and many other user-defined characteristics.
  • Remote Configuration—Manage all your Zebra label printers throughout the enterprise without having to travel to remote sites or physically handle any printers. Any Zebra printer connected to the enterprise network can be accessed from the ZebraNet Bridge interface and configured remotely through an easy-to-use graphical user interface.
  • Printer Alerts, Status, Heartbeat Monitoring, and Event Notification—ZebraNet Bridge lets you configure multiple event alerts per device with different alerts directed to different people. Receive alerts and notifications by e-mail, cell phone/pager, or through the ZebraNet Bridge Events tab. View alerts by printer or group, and filter by date/time, severity, or trigger.
  • Configure and Copy Printer Profiles—Copy and paste settings from one printer to another or broadcast them to an entire group. ZebraNet Bridge allows you to copy printer settings, printer-resident files (formats, fonts, and graphics), and alerts with a click of the mouse. Create printer profiles—virtual “golden printers"—with desired settings, objects, and alerts, and clone or broadcast them as if they were real printers, providing extensive savings in setup time. Printer profiles are also an excellent way to back up a printer’s configuration for crisis recovery.