Cutter Option
Cutter Option

Cutter Option

The printer supports a factory-installed media cutter option for full-width cutting of label liner, tag media, or receipt media.
These cutter options are all supported in a single cutter housing design. The type of cutter option installed in your printer can be verified by printing a printer configuration status label (see Printing a Test (Printer Configuration) Label
The cutter options are:
  • A medium-duty cutter for cutting label liner and light tag media (LINER/TAG)
    • Maximum paper weight (thickness): up to 180 g/m2 (0.0077 in.)
    • Cutter life:
      • 2 million cuts: 0.5 mil to 5 mil stock (10-120 g/m2)
      • 1 million cuts: 5 mil to 7.5 mil stock (120-180 g/m2)
      • 750,000 cuts: 7.5 mil to 10 mil (180-200 g/m2)
      - Exceeding the maximum media weight (density/hardness) and thickness will shorten the cutter's usable life or can cause the cutter to fail (jam or other error).
  • Cut width: 108 mm (4.25 in.) maximum to 19 mm (0.75 in.) minimum
  • Distance between cuts (label length): 25.4 mm (1 in.)
    Cutting shorter media lengths between the cuts may cause the cutter to jam, or error.
By default, the cutter operations include a self-cleaning preventive maintenance cleaning cut after every 25
cut. While this feature can be disabled using the ZPL or EPL SGD (Set/Get/DO) programming commands (
), disabling the feature is NOT recommended.
There are no operator serviceable parts in the cutter unit. Never remove the cutter cover (bezel). Never attempt to insert objects or fingers into the cutter mechanism.
Tools, cotton swabs, solvents (including alcohol), etc. all may damage or shorten the cutter’s usable life or cause the cutter to jam.
Do not Shorten the Cutter's Usable Life!