Installing the Battery into the Attached Power Base
Installing the Battery into the Attached Power Base
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Installing the Battery into the Attached Power Base

Describes how to add the battery to the battery base attached to the printer.
The printer must have an Attached Battery Base securely installed to the printer to keep it from damaging the printer or battery.
Batteries are shipped in Shutdown Mode for safety and to keep the battery from discharging during storage and shipping. The battery requires charging prior to initial use with the printer.
  1. Disconnect the printer’s external power supply from the DC Power Input located in the rear of the printer.
  2. Slide the battery into the battery base’s battery slot. Push the battery into the base until the battery pack is flush with the rear of the battery base, and the connectors on the battery pack are engaged with the ports on the back of the printer. The battery latch (1) locks the battery in place.
    Shows an exploded view of battery base attaching to the printer
  3. Attach the printer’s power supply to the battery to wake up the battery from Shutdown Mode and begin its initial charge.
  4. Charge the battery. The battery must be fully charged before its first use.
    See Battery Indicators and Controls to learn how to:
    • Turn the battery on.
    • Discover battery charge-saving features and behaviors.
    • Check the battery’s charge level and health.
  5. The printer will take approximately two hours to reach a full charge. The battery status (health) indicator (lightning bolt) will go from Amber (Charging) to Green (Charged)