Determining the Label Collection Method
Determining the Label Collection Method

Determining the Label Collection Method

Use a label collection method that matches the media being used and the printer options available using the table and figures at the end of this section.
The media path is the same for roll and fanfold media.
  1. On the Home screen, touch
    Label Position
    Collection Method
    The Collection Method options display.
  2. Select a collection method that is compatible with the options available on your printer.
  3. Touch the
    icon to return to the Home screen.
    Collection Methods and Printer Options
    Collection Method
    Required Printer Option
    Tear Off
    Can be used with any printer option and most media types.
    The printer prints label formats as it receives them. The printer operator can tear off the printed labels when the printer stops.
    Peel Off
    Liner Take-Up option or Rewind option
    The printer peels the label from the backing during printing and then pauses until the label is removed. The empty backing may be allowed to exit the front of the printer, or it may be wound onto the liner take-up spindle or rewind spindle.
    Rewind option
    The printer prints without pausing between labels. The media is wound onto a core after printing. The rewind plate is used to keep the labels from separating from the backing.
    Cutter option
    The printer cuts between labels after each one is printed.
    Delayed Cut
    Cutter option
    The printer waits for a delayed cut ZPL command (
    ) before it cuts the last printed label.
    This mode is for use with a machine that applies labels.
    The printer prints when it receives a signal from the applicator. Authorized Service Technicians should refer to the Advanced User Information section of the Maintenance Manual for additional information about the applicator interface.
    Linerless Peel, Linerless Rewind, Linerless Tear, Linerless Cut, and Linerless Delayed Cut are options reserved for future use.
    Printer Options
    Tear-Off (standard)
    Peel with Liner Take-Up option
    Rewind option
    Cutter option