Files for Completing the Exercises
Files for Completing the Exercises

Files for Completing the Exercises

Most of the files you need to complete the exercises in these section are available in the form of a .ZIP file located here. Copy these files to your computer before you begin the exercises. Where possible, the contents of the files are shown. Contents of files that include coded content—which cannot be viewed either as text or as an image—are not included.

File 1:

File 2:

This simple label format prints the Zebra logo and a line of text at the end of the mirroring exercise.
^XA ^FO100,75^XGE:zebra.bmp^FS ^FO100,475^A0N,50,50^FDMirror from USB Completed^FS ^XZ

File 3:

File 4:

This label format prints an image and text. This file will be stored on the USB memory device at the root level so that it can be printed.
CT~~CD,~CC^~CT~ ^XA~TA012~JSN^LT0^LH0,0^JMA^PR4,4~SD15^LRN^CI0^XZ ~DG000.GRF,07680,024,,[image data] ^XA ^LS0 ^SL0 ^BY3,3,91^FT35,250^BCN,,Y,N^FC%,{,#^FD%d/%m/%Y^FS ^FT608,325^XG000.GRF,1,1^FS ^FT26,75^A0N,28,28^FH\^FDThis label was printed from a format stored^FS ^FT26,125^A0N,28,28^FH\^FDon a USB Flash Memory drive. ^FS ^BY3,3,90^FT33,425^BCN,,Y,N ^FD>:Zebra Technologies^FS ^PQ1,0,1,Y^XZ ^XA^ID000.GRF^FS^XZ

File 5:

File 6:

File 7:

This label format, used for the USB keyboard input exercise, does the following:
  • creates a barcode with the current date, based on your Real-Time Clock (RTC) setting
  • prints the Zebra logo graphic
  • prints fixed text
  • ^FN
    prompts you to enter your name, and the printer prints what you entered
^XA ^CI28 ^BY2,3,91^FT38,184^BCN,,Y,N^FC%,{,#^FD%d/%m/%Y^FS ^FO385,75^XGE:zebra.bmp^FS ^FT40,70^A0N,28,28^FH\^FDThis label was printed using a keyboard input. ^FS ^FT35,260^A0N,28,28^FH\^FDThis label was printed by:^FS ^FT33,319^A0N,28,28^FN1"Enter Name"^FS ^XZ

File 8:

This is the same label format as the previous label, only with different text printing. This format is used for the smart device input exercise.
^XA ^CI28 ^BY2,3,91^FT38,184^BCN,,Y,N^FC%,{,#^FD%d/%m/%Y^FS ^FO385,75^XGE:zebra.bmp^FS ^FT40,70^A0N,28,28^FH\^FDThis label was printed using a smart device input. ^FS ^FT35,260^A0N,28,28^FH\^FDThis label was printed by:^FS ^FT33,319^A0N,28,28^FN1"Enter Name"^FS ^XZ

File 9: Firmware File

You may want to download a firmware file for your printer and copy it to your computer for use during the exercises. You may omit doing this if you wish.
You can download the latest firmware file from