Ergonomic Recommendations
Ergonomic Recommendations

Ergonomic Recommendations

To avoid or minimize risk of ergonomic injury, follow the ergonomic recommendations.
  • Ensure users are trained in proper and secure mounting of the Converged Scanner on the fingers.
  • Ensure that the finger comfort pad is in place and the strap buckle is secured properly on the fingers with the Converged Scanner.
  • Ensure that users are trained in proper and secure mounting of the Wrist Mount on the wrist.
  • Ensure that the device is not worn near the wrist joint.
  • Use a smaller wrist strap for small to medium wrist size. Use a larger strap for medium to large wrist size.
  • Ensure that the device is mounted so that the display is oriented towards the user.
  • Maintain and clean wearable components such as straps and soft goods.
  • Reduce or eliminate unnecessary repetitive motion and activation.
  • Maintain a neutral posture.
  • Reduce or eliminate elevated or raised arm and shoulder postures.
  • Reduce or eliminate excessive force.
  • Keep objects that are used frequently within easy reach.
  • Perform tasks at correct heights.
  • Reduce or eliminate direct pressure.
  • Provide adequate clearance.
  • Provide a suitable working environment.
  • Improve working procedures using the device.