Supported Peripherals
Supported Peripherals

Supported Peripherals

Peripherals supported by the Zebra Workstation Cradle include:
  • External touch and non-touch HDMI monitor.
  • USB-A Keyboard
  • USB-A Mouse
  • USB-A Headsets and Headphones
  • Zebra External Scanners (connected via USB-A):
    • DS9308, DS9908, DS8108, DS4608, DS2208, DS2278, DS3678-SR, DS3608-SR, DS9308-SR, and MP7000 (scanning available Zebra USB scanners only, scaling available on 6490 platform devices running Android 11). For additional information on Zebra platform devices, go to
For ET5X tablets, headsets can be connected via the USB-C port on the tablet. USB-A headsets or headphones connected to the USB-A ports of the communication cradle are not supported.