Creating Intent Shortcuts
Creating Intent Shortcuts

Creating Intent Shortcuts

Intents allow administrators to employ Android-supported actions that enable intra- and inter-application communications.
Intents are used to play media, take screenshots, call, or email. Create an intent shortcut icon on the desktop that can be deployed similarly to an application directly deploy an action.
Create an Intent shortcut by selecting
Create a Shortcut
from the context menu.
Next, provide an
Intent Descriptor
, a
Shortcut Name
, and select a shortcut image by clicking
Browse Image
After the form fields are complete, click
Add Shortcut
and observe the new intent shortcut on the desktop home screen.
Intents are processed differently depending on the application or Android version. Because intents are processed by applications, a change in the version of an application or the Android version could impact whether a given intent works as intended. When using Generic Intents, It is recommended to validate the intent address before creating the intent shortcut by using the Feedback Channel and observing the results of pushing a new configuration with the intent shortcut.