Creating Shortcut Groups
Creating Shortcut Groups

Creating Shortcut Groups

Create a group of application shortcuts by selecting an existing shortcut icon and dragging the icon onto another icon to create a folder. When creating folders, consider creating shortcut groups based on a common use case, such as productivity tools or communication applications. Shortcuts cannot be dragged from a group onto another icon to create a new group, and multiple shortcuts cannot be selected and dragged simultaneously to create a new group. The shortcut group is not visible if the administrator disables shortcuts within a group. If only some of the applications are disabled, the folder is visible, but the user cannot see the disabled applications.
The device operator cannot drag a shortcut from a group onto another icon to create a new group.
Select a shortcut icon and drag it onto another icon.
Next, name the shortcut group.
Sub-groups (groups within groups) are not supported.
Application shortcuts are accessed from inside the Group Window. To dissolve a group, drag the shortcuts from the folder onto the desktop until only one application is in the folder. In this case, the folder is dismissed automatically because the minimum number of shortcuts inside a folder is two if the administrator disables no hidden applications. The icons can then be deleted individually from the desktop if necessary.
The shortcut group dissolves when the second to last application shortcut is removed from the sub-group. Both shortcuts move to the desktop based on the order specified in the administrator configuration. If the user drags a shortcut onto the desktop where that same icon is already present, two shortcut icons display.
When one or more application shortcuts in a group are disabled, the icons for the disabled applications are not shown. The group is visible because it exists and is non-empty, although it appears empty or has only one visible icon.