Resetting Configurations
Resetting Configurations

Resetting Configurations

Zebra Workstation Connect provides an option to reset the managed configuration shall be disabled by default. Zebra Workstation Connect supports configuration by an administrator to enable the UI option to reset the managed configurations. This feature provides a way for the administrator can demo different configurations and clear them before setting a final configuration to deploy to a device ecosystem.
By default, the
Reset to Out-of-Box State
UI option is disabled and hidden from the user.
To reset the configuration of Zebra Workstation Connect, right-click on the All Applications icon and select
Reset to Out-of-Box State
After selecting the reset option, undock and dock the device to apply the default configuration to Zebra Workstation Connect.
The ability to
Reset to Out-of-Box State
is disabled for most users. When enabled, this feature is helpful to clear out prior configurations when developing, testing, or troubleshooting configurations.
Resetting the configuration enables the following settings:
Default Configurations
1920 x 1080
160 dpi
Freeform Windows
GMS-restricted applications remain disabled after a reset is performed.
Applications that are disabled using MXMF/StageNow remain disabled after a reset is performed.
Existing notifications remain visible after a reset is performed.