Supported Keyboard Commands
Supported Keyboard Commands

Supported Keyboard Commands

Workstation Connect supports keyboard shortcuts when using an external keyboard to carry out specific tasks when enabled by the administrator configuration.
Workstation Connect Supported Keyboard Shortcuts
Print Screen
Initiates screen capture of the secondary display contents only. A screen capture of the primary display contents can also be captured using a separate mechanism invoked from the device UI. Refer to the User Guide for additional information about the device being used with Workstation Connect.
Windows + L
Suspends the mobile device, causing both the primary and secondary displays to be shut off. When the device is active, it may or may not be locked depending on the lock settings configured by the administrator.
Ctrl + and Ctrl -
Zooms in or out while using Chrome.
Spacebar (twice)
Wakes up the device from suspend mode and automatically presents the lock screen to enter the PIN or password without touching the device, mouse, or monitor touch panel.
Acts as a Back button on the desktop screen for an application in focus mode.