Using Applications on the External Monitor
Using Applications on the External Monitor

Using Applications on the External Monitor

When an application runs on the desktop home screen, an associated icon is on the taskbar for that application.
Any application running on the desktop is in one of three states at any given time:
  • Minimized (not showing)
  • Maximized (showing at maximum window size)
  • Restored (showing at selected size)
Clicking the application icon on the taskbar toggles between showing (either maximized or restored, depending on its last state) and not showing.
Clicking on an application icon that is currently showing minimizes the application. When the application is minimized, an additional click (or tap) on the taskbar icon of the same application is required to return the application to its prior window size on the desktop home screen.
Desktop Applications
Mobile Applications
A vertical line separates desktop and mobile application icons on the taskbar. Desktop applications display on the left side of the line, and mobile applications are on the right side with a blue mobile badge on the application icon.
Blue Mobile Badge
A right-click using the mouse (or a tap and hold if using a touch monitor) on any taskbar icon brings up a menu for the corresponding application. The menu options can be used to relaunch and reset an application, move it to the mobile device screen or the external monitor, or close the application if the administrator has configured advanced application permissions. Only applications that are permitted to move between the mobile computer screen and the desktop home screen display this option as enabled on the home screen menu from the taskbar icon.
If the administrator disables the user’s ability to view mobile application icons on the desktop taskbar. In that case, these icons are not visible on the right side of the taskbar. This prevents the user from moving applications from the mobile device screen to the desktop home screen from the taskbar, closing an application running on the mobile device screen, and resetting the application window size on the mobile device screen.