Performing a Factory Reset Using ADB
Performing a Factory Reset Using ADB

Performing a Factory Reset Using ADB

Perform a Factory Reset using ADB.
Go to the Zebra Support & Downloads web site at and download the appropriate Factory Reset file to a host computer.
  1. Connect the device to a host computer using a USB-C cable.
    When transferring files or debugging, make sure there is only one USB connection to the device. For example, if using a USB cable, do not dock the device or attach an expansion back.
  2. Go to
  3. Touch
    Developer options
  4. Slide the
    USB debugging
    switch to the
  5. If the device and host computer are connected for the first time, the
    Allow USB debugging?
    dialog box with the
    Always allow from this computer
    check box displays. Select the check box, if required.
  6. Touch
  7. On the host computer, navigate to the
    folder and open a command prompt window.
  8. Type
    adb devices
    The following displays:
    List of devices attached XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX device
    Where XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is the device number.
    If the device number does not appear, ensure that the ADB drivers are installed properly.
  9. Type:
    adb reboot recovery
  10. Press
    The System Recovery screen appears on the device.
  11. Press
    Volume Up
    Volume Down
    buttons to navigate to
    Apply upgrade from ADB
  12. Press
  13. On the host computer command prompt window type
    adb sideload <file>
    where: <file> = the path and filename of the zip file.
  14. Press
    The Factory Reset package installs, and then the System Recovery screen appears on the device.
  15. Press
    to reboot the device.