Battery Manager Information
Battery Manager Information

Battery Manager Information

The Battery Manager displays detailed information about battery charging, health, and status.
Battery Icons
Battery Icon
Battery charge level is between 85% and 100%.
Battery charge level is between 19% and 84%.
Battery charge level is between 0% and 18%.
  • Level
    - The current battery charge level as a percentage. Displays -% when the level is unknown.
  • Wear
    - The health of the battery in graphical form. When the wear level exceeds 80%, the bar color changes to red.
  • Health
    - The health of the battery. If a critical error occurs, appears. Touch to view the error description.
    • Decommission
      - The battery is past its useful life and should be replaced. See system administrator.
    • Good
      - The battery is good.
    • Charge error
      - An error occurred while charging. See system administrator.
    • Over Current
      - An over-current condition occurred. See system administrator.
    • Dead
      - The battery has no charge. Replace the battery.
    • Over Voltage
      - An over-voltage condition occurred. See system administrator.
    • Below Temperature
      - The battery temperature is below the operating temperature. See system administrator.
    • Failure Detected
      - A failure has been detected in the battery. See system administrator.
    • Unknown
      - See system administrator.
  • Charge Status
    • Not charging
      - The device is not connected to AC power.
    • Charging-AC
      - The device is connected to AC power and charging or is fast charging via USB.
    • Charging-USB
      - The device is connected to a host computer with a USB cable and charging.
    • Discharging
      - The battery is discharging.
    • Full
      - The battery is fully charged.
    • Unknown
      - The battery status is unknown.
  • Time until Full
    - The amount of time until the battery is fully charged.
  • Time since charging
    - The amount of time since the device began charging.
  • Advanced info
    - Touch to view additional battery information.
    • Battery present status
      - Indicates that the battery is present.
    • Battery scale
      - The battery scale level used to determine battery level (100).
    • Battery level
      - The battery charge level as a percentage of scale.
    • Battery voltage
      - The current battery voltage in millivolts.
    • Battery temperature
      - The current battery temperature in degrees Centigrade.
    • Battery technology
      - The type of battery.
    • Battery current
      - The average current into or out of the battery over the last second in mAh.
    • Battery manufacture date
      - The date of manufacture.
    • Battery serial number
      - The battery serial number. The number matches the serial number printed on the battery label.
    • Battery part number
      - The battery part number.
    • Battery decommission status
      - Indicates if the battery is past its life span.
      • Battery Good
        - The battery is in good health.
      • Decommissioned Battery
        - The battery is past its useful life and should be replaced.
    • Base cumulative charge
      - Cumulative charge using Zebra charging equipment only.
    • Battery present capacity
      - Maximum amount of charge that could be pulled from the battery under the present discharge conditions if the battery were fully charged.
    • Battery health percentage
      - With a range from 0 to 100, this is the ratio of “present_capacity” to “design_capacity” at a discharge rate of “design_capacity”.
    • % decommission threshold
      - The default % decommission threshold for a gifted battery as 80%.
    • Battery present charge
      - Amount of usable charge remaining in the battery at present under the current discharge conditions.
    • Battery total cumulative charge
      - The total accumulated charge in all chargers.
    • Battery time since first use
      - The time passed since the battery was placed in a Zebra terminal for the first time.
    • Battery error status
      - The error status of the battery.
    • App version
      - The application version number.