App Details
App Details

App Details

Apps have different kinds of information and controls.
  • Force stop
    - Stop an app.
  • Disable
    - Disable an app.
  • Uninstall
    - Remove the app and all of its data and settings from the device.
  • Notifications
    - Set the app notification settings.
  • Permissions
    - Lists the areas on the device that the app has access to.
  • Storage & cache
    - Lists how much information is stored and includes buttons for clearing it.
  • Mobile data & Wi-Fi
    - Provides information about data consumed by an app.
  • Advanced
    • Screen time
      - Displays the amount of time the app has displayed on the screen.
    • Battery
      - Lists the amount of computing power used by the app.
    • Open by default
      - If you have configured an app to launch certain file types by default, you can clear that setting here.
    • Display over other apps
      - Allows an app to display on top of other apps.
    • App details
      - Provides a link to additional app details on the Play store.
    • Additional settings in the app
      - Opens settings in the app.
    • Modify system settings
      - Allows an app to modify the system settings.