Battery Manager Information
Battery Manager Information

Battery Manager Information

The Battery Manager displays detailed information about the ET40/ET45 battery charging, health, and status.
Battery Icons
Battery Icon
Battery charge level is between 85% and 100%.
Battery charge level is between 19% and 84%.
Battery charge level is between 0% and 18%.
  • Level
    - The current battery charge level as a percentage. Displays -% when the level is unknown.
  • Wear
    - The health of the battery in graphical form. When the wear level exceeds 80%, the bar color changes to red.
  • Health
    - The health of the battery. If a critical error occurs, appears. Touch to view the error description.
    • Decommission
      - The battery is past its useful life and should be replaced. See system administrator.
    • Good
      - The battery is good.
    • Charge error
      - An error occurred while charging. See system administrator.
    • Over Current
      - An over-current condition occurred. See system administrator.
    • Dead
      - The battery has no charge. Replace the battery.
    • Over Voltage
      - An over-voltage condition occurred. See system administrator.
    • Below Temperature
      - The battery temperature is below the operating temperature. See system administrator.
    • Failure Detected
      - A failure has been detected in the battery. See system administrator.
    • Unknown
      - See system administrator.
  • Charge Status
    • Not charging
      - The device is not connected to AC power.
    • Charging-AC
      - The device is connected to AC power and charging or is fast charging via USB.
    • Charging-USB
      - The device is connected to a host computer with a USB cable and charging.
    • Discharging
      - The battery is discharging.
    • Full
      - The battery is fully charged.
    • Unknown
      - The battery status is unknown.
  • Time until Full
    - The amount of time until the battery is fully charged.
  • Time since charging
    - The amount of time since the device began charging.
  • Advanced info
    - Touch to view additional battery information.
    • Battery present status
      - Indicates that the battery is present.
    • Battery scale
      - The battery scale level used to determine battery level (100).
    • Battery level
      - The battery charge level as a percentage of scale.
    • Battery voltage
      - The current battery voltage in millivolts.
    • Battery temperature
      - The current battery temperature in degrees Centigrade.
    • Battery technology
      - The type of battery.
    • Battery current
      - The average current into or out of the battery over the last second in mAh.
    • Battery manufacture date
      - The date of manufacture.
    • Battery serial number
      - The battery serial number. The number matches the serial number printed on the battery label.
    • Battery part number
      - The battery part number.
    • Battery decommission status
      - Indicates if the battery is past its life span.
      • Battery Good
        - The battery is in good health.
      • Decommissioned Battery
        - The battery is past its useful life and should be replaced.
    • Base cumulative charge
      - Cumulative charge using Zebra charging equipment only.
    • Battery present capacity
      - Maximum amount of charge that could be pulled from the battery under the present discharge conditions if the battery were fully charged.
    • Battery health percentage
      - With a range from 0 to 100, this is the ratio of “present_capacity” to “design_capacity” at a discharge rate of “design_capacity”.
    • % decommission threshold
      - The default % decommission threshold for a gifted battery as 80%.
    • Battery present charge
      - Amount of usable charge remaining in the battery at present under the current discharge conditions.
    • Battery total cumulative charge
      - The total accumulated charge in all chargers.
    • Battery time since first use
      - The time passed since the battery was placed in a Zebra terminal for the first time.
    • Battery error status
      - The error status of the battery.
    • App version
      - The application version number.