Scanning with the Camera
Scanning with the Camera

Scanning with the Camera

Use the ET40/ET45 internal camera to capture barcode data.
To read a barcode, a scan-enabled app is required. The device contains the DataWedge app that allows the user to enable the scanner to decode barcode data and display the barcode content.
The integrated camera is intended for light-duty barcode scanning. For heavy-duty scanning, 100 or more scans per day, use the 2D imager.
When capturing barcode data in poor lighting, turn on Illumination mode in the DataWedge application.
To scan with the internal camera:
  1. Launch a scanning application.
  2. Point the camera window at a barcode.
  3. Press and hold the scan button. By default, a preview window appears on the screen.
  4. Move the device until the barcode is visible on the screen.
  5. If Picklist mode is enabled, move the device until the barcode is centered under the aiming dot on the screen.
The Decode LED lights green, a beep sounds and the device vibrates, by default, to indicate the barcode is decoded successfully.
The captured data appears in the text field.