Installing the nano SIM Card
Installing the nano SIM Card

Installing the nano SIM Card

A nano-SIM card slot is available only on ET45 devices. The following steps only apply when installing or replacing a nano SIM card.
  1. Ensure the tablet is powered off.
    Do not attempt to remove the battery while the tablet is powered on.
    1. Press and hold the Power button until the menu appears.
    2. Touch
      Power off
  2. Hold the tablet down with one hand and lift the corner of the battery cover up (1) from the notched area.
    Do not use any tool for battery cover or battery removal. Puncturing the battery or seal may cause a hazardous condition and a potential risk of injury.
    Finger lifting and removing battery cover
  3. Place your thumb under the cover and slide your thumb along the short edge of the cover toward the other side.
  4. Carefully lift the edges of the cover, releasing the clips.
    Finger lifting and removing battery cover
  5. Remove the cover from the back housing.
  6. Using your fingernail, slide and hold the battery lock switch in the unlock position (1).
  7. While the switch is in the unlock position, lift the battery from the notched area (2), rotate the battery up, and then remove it from the battery well (3).
    Rotate the battery up and then pull it out of battery well
  8. After removing the battery from the tablet, release the battery lock switch.
  9. If replacing the nano SIM card, remove the existing card.
    1. Push in the installed SIM card and release.
    2. The card ejects slightly so that you can remove it.
    3. Remove the SIM card from the card slot. The card should easily slide out. If not, the SIM card was not ejected correctly. Repeat step A.
  10. Insert the nano SIM card with the contacts facing up.
    SIM card going into SIM slot
  11. Push the SIM card in and ensure that it locks into place.
  12. Replace the battery, contacts side first.
    One side of the battery in the battery well.
  13. Gently push the battery towards the contacts (1) while rotating the battery down into the battery well (2), ensuring it is seated properly.
    Slide switch and then rotate battery down
    Be aware of the orientation of the battery cover. Failure to replace the battery cover properly may cause damage.
  14. Insert the tabbed end of the battery cover into the slots in the battery well (1).
  15. Rotate the cover down (2).
    Insert battery cover, tabbed end first
  16. Carefully press down around the edges of the cover. Make sure that the cover is seated properly.
    Press down all edges of battery cover