4-Slot Battery Charger
4-Slot Battery Charger

4-Slot Battery Charger

This section provides troubleshooting options for the 4-Slot Battery Charger.
Troubleshooting the 4-Slot Battery Charger
Possible Cause
Power Pack Charging LED does not light when inserted.
Power Pack is not correctly seated.
Remove and re-insert the spare battery into the charging slot, ensuring it is correctly seated.
Power Pack is not charging.
Power Pack was removed from charger or charger was unplugged from AC power.
Ensure charger is receiving power. Ensure Power Pack is seated correctly. Confirm Power Pack is charging. The Power Pack fully charges in approximately four hours.
Power Pack is faulty.
Verify that other Power Pack charge properly. If so, replace the faulty Power Pack.
The Power Pack is not fully seated in the charger.
Remove and re-insert the Power Pack into the charger, ensuring it is firmly seated.
Ambient temperature of the charger is too warm or too cold.
Move the charger to an area where the ambient temperature is between 0°C and 40°C (32°F and 104°F).