Quick Access Panel Icons
Quick Access Panel Icons

Quick Access Panel Icons

The ET40/ET45 Quick Access panel icons indicate frequently used settings (for example, Airplane mode).
Quick Access Panel Icons
Display Brightness Slider Icon
Display brightness - Use the slider to decrease or increase the brightness of the screen. (A11 only)
Display brightness - Use the slider to decrease or increase the brightness of the screen. (A13 only)
Wi-Fi Icon
Internet/Wi-Fi network - Turn Wi-Fi on or off. To open Wi-Fi settings, touch the Wi-Fi network name.
Bluetooth Icon
Bluetooth settings - Turn Bluetooth on or off. To open Bluetooth settings, touch Bluetooth.
Battery Saver Icon is a battery outline with a plus sign in the middle
Battery saver - Turn Battery saver mode on or off. When Battery saver mode is on the performance of the device is reduced to preserve battery power (not applicable).
Invert Colors Icon
Invert colors - Invert the display colors.
Do Not Disturb Icon
Do not disturb - Control how and when to receive notifications.
Mobile Data Icon
Mobile data - Enables or disables data transfer via the WAN. The device is still available for voice calls and texts. To open Mobile data settings, touch and hold (WWAN only).
Airplane Mode Icon
Airplane mode - Turn Airplane mode on or off. When Airplane mode is on the device does not connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
Auto Rotate Icon is two bent arrows forming a rectangle
Auto-rotate - Lock the device’s orientation in portrait or landscape mode or set to automatically rotate.
Flashlight Icon
Flashlight - Turn the flashlight or camera flash on or off. When the flashlight is activated, it stays on unless it is turned off or the camera app is run.
Location Icon
Location - Enable or disable locationing feature.
Hotspot Icon
Hotspot - Turn on to share the device’s mobile data connection with other devices.
Data Saver Icon
Data Saver - Turn on to prevent some apps from sending or receiving data in the background.
Night Light Icon is a quarter moon
Night Light - Tint the screen amber to make it easier to look at the screen in dim light. Set Night Light to turn on automatically from sunset to sunrise, or at other times.
Screen Cast Icon
Screen Cast - Share phone content on Chromecast or a television with Chromecast built-in. On the Cast screen, check the "enable wireless display" option, and then touch "cast screen" to display a list of devices. Touch a device in the list to begin casting.
Dark Theme Icon is circle with left side filled in and right side is an outline
Dark Theme - Toggles dark theme on and off. Dark themes reduce the luminance emitted by the screen, while meeting minimum color contrast ratios. It helps improve visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain, adjusting brightness to current lighting conditions, and facilitating screen use in dark environments, while conserving battery power.
Focus mode icon is circle outline inside parentheses
Focus mode - Turn on to pause distracting apps. To open Focus mode settings, touch and hold.
Bedtime Mode Icon is a quarter moon with little stars
Bedtime mode - Turn grayscale on and off. Grayscale turns the screen black and white, reducing phone distractions and improving battery life.
Nearby share icon
Nearby Share - Helps find and interact with services and devices close to the device.
Record icon
Screen Record - Makes a video recording of everything that happens on the screen, with options to include audio and screen touches.
NFC - Enable or disable NFC communication.
wallet icon
Wallet - Opens Android wallet. (A13 only)
alarm icon
Alarm - Opens the Alarm app. (A13 only)
scan qr code icon
Scan QR code - Opens the camera app for QR code reading. (A13 only)
Mic access - Enables device microphone. (A13 only)
Camera access - Enables access to the camera app. (A13 only)
extra dim icon
Extra dim -  Reduces screen brightness up to 50%. (A13 only)
color correction icon
Color correction - Enable to help your device compensate for color blindness.  (A13 only)
storage icon
Storage - Opens the Files app. (A13 only)
live caption icon
Live caption -  Enables captions to appear for any media playing, regardless of the device's volume level. (A13 only)
Calculator - Open the calculator app. (A13 only)