Enterprise NFC Settings
Enterprise NFC Settings

Enterprise NFC Settings

Improve NFC performance or increase battery life by selecting which NFC features to use on the ET40/ET45.
  • Card Detection Mode
    - Select a card detection mode.
    • Low
      - Increases battery life by lowering the NFC detection speed.
    • Hybrid
      - Provides a balance between NFC detection speed and battery life (default).
    • Standard
      - Provides the optimal NFC detection speed, but reduces battery life.
  • Supported Card Technology
    - Select an option to detect only one NFC tag type, increasing battery life, but reducing detection speed.
    • ISO 14443 Type A
    • ISO 14443 Type B
    • FeliCa
    • ISO 15693
  • NFC Debug Logging
    - Use to enable or disable debug logging for NFC.
  • Other NFC settings available with Zebra administrator tools (CSP)
    - Allows configuration of additional Enterprise NFC Settings through staging tools and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions with an MX version that supports the Enterprise NFC Settings Configuration Service Provider (CSP). For more information on using the Enterprise NFC Settings CSP, refer to: techdocs.zebra.com.