Wi-Fi Preferences
Wi-Fi Preferences

Wi-Fi Preferences

Use the ET40/ET45 Wi-Fi preferences to configure advanced Wi-Fi settings.
From the Wi-Fi screen, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and touch
Wi-Fi preferences
on A11, or
Network preferences
on A13.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi automatically
    - When enabled, Wi-Fi automatically turns back on when near high-quality saved networks.
  • Notify for public networks
    - When enabled, notifies the user when a high quality public network is available.
  • Advanced
    - Touch to expand options (A11 only).
    • Additional settings
      - See Additional Wi-Fi Settings.
    • Install Certificates
      - Touch to install certificates.
    • Network rating provider
      - Disabled (AOSP devices). To help determine what constitutes a good Wi-Fi network, Android supports external Network rating providers that provide information about the quality of open Wi-Fi networks. Select one of the providers listed or
      . If none are available or selected, the Connect to open networks feature is disabled (A11 only).
    • Wi-Fi Direct
      - Displays a list of devices available for a direct Wi-Fi connection.