When you clean the printer, use one of the following supplies that best suits your needs:
Cleaning Supplies
Cleaning Supplies
Order Quantity
Intended Purpose
Cleaning pens (105950-035)
Set of 12
Clean printhead
Cleaning swabs (105909-057)
Set of 25
Clean media path, guides, and sensors
You can obtain cleaning supplies at
The cleaning process takes just a couple of minutes using the steps outlined below.
Cleaning Process
Printer Part
Allow the printhead to cool for a minute, then use a new cleaning pen to swab the dark line on the printhead cleaning from the center to the outside edges of the printhead. See Cleaning the Printhead.
After every roll of media.
Platen roller
Remove the platen roller to clean. Clean the roller thoroughly with 90% medical-grade alcohol and a cleaning swab or lint-free cloth. See Platen Cleaning and Replacement.
As needed.
Peel bar
Clean it thoroughly with 99% medical-grade alcohol and a fiber-free cleaning swab. Let alcohol dissipate and the printer dries completely.
Media path
Use a water-dampened cloth.
Gently brush out the printer.
Adhesives and media material can over time transfer onto the printer components along the media path including the platen and printhead. This build-up can accumulate dust and debris. Failure to clean the printhead, media path, and platen roller could result in inadvertent loss of labels, label jams, and possible damage to the printer.
Using too much alcohol can result in contamination of the electronic components requiring a much longer drying time before the printer will function properly.