Cleaning the Sensor
Cleaning the Sensor
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Cleaning the Sensor

Dust can accumulate on the media sensors.
  1. Gently brush away dust; if necessary, use a dry swab for the brushing. If adhesives or other contaminants remain, use an alcohol moistened swab to break them up. Gently brush the sensor surface or use a can of compressed air to blow dust off the sensor.
    Do NOT use an air compressor to clean the sensor. Oil from the pump and dirty water will contaminate the printer and printhead.
  2. Use a dry swab to remove any residue that may remain after the first cleaning.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as required until all residue and streaks are removed from the sensor.
    Gap sensor
    Label-taken sensor
    Black-line sensor
    Ribbon-trailer sensor