Printer Network Configuration Label
Printer Network Configuration Label
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Printer Network Configuration Label

If your printer has an integrated ZebraNet 10/100 Internal Print Server option, you will need the printer's IP address and other networking information to identify and configure the printer for operations on your network and to troubleshoot network connectivity if needed. You can find the printer's IP address by printing a Printer Network Configuration label.
See the ZebraNet 10/100 Internal Print Server manual for more information on establishing network connectivity using the printer's internal server.
To print a Network Configuration label, send the
ZPL  command to the printer.
Sample Network Configuration Label
The other label that prints configuration information, the Printer Configuration label, also lists some printer’s network settings such as IP address, on the lower half of the printout. To print that label, follow the instructions in Printing a Test (Printer Configuration) Label.