Label Dispenser Option
Label Dispenser Option

Label Dispenser Option

The factory-installed label dispenser option allows you to print a label with backing (liner/web) being removed from the label as it prints, ready for application. When printing multiple labels, removing the dispensed (peeled) label prompts the printer to print and dispense the next label.
To use dispenser-mode correctly, use your printer driver to activate the label (taken) sensor along with these typical label settings which include but are not limited to length, non-continuous (gap), and web (liner). Otherwise, you must send the appropriate ZPL or EPL programming commands to the printer.
When programming in ZPL, you can use the command sequences below. See the ZPL Programming Guide for more information on ZPL programming.
  • ^XA ^MMP ^XZ
  • ^XA ^JUS ^XZ
When programming in EPL, send the Options (
) command with the
command parameter (
) to enable the label-taken sensor. You can include other printer option parameters with the Options command string. See the EPL Programming Guide for more information on programming with EPL and the Options (
) command behaviors.
  1. Load your labels into the printer. Close the printer and press
    until a minimum of 4 in. or 100 mm of exposed labels exit the printer. Remove the exposed labels from the liner.
  2. Lift the liner over the top of the printer and open the dispenser door.
  3. Insert the label liner between the dispenser door and the printer body.
  4. Close the dispenser door.
  5. Press
    to advance the media.
  6. During the print job, as the printer peels off the backing and present a single label, take the label to prompt the printer to print the next label.
    If you did not use ZPL or EPL software commands to activate the label-taken sensor, the printer will stack and eject the peeled labels.