Status Light Descriptions and Error Resolutions
Status Light Descriptions and Error Resolutions
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Status Light Descriptions and Error Resolutions

The status lights provide information on printer status and error conditions if any.
Status Light Descriptions and Error Resolutions
LED Status and Color
Printer Status
Description and Resolution(s)
The printer is not receiving power.
Verify that the printer power is turned ON.
Check the power connections from the wall outlet to the power supply, and from the power supply to the printer. Try disconnecting the printer power cord from the wall outlet for 30 seconds and reconnecting the cord to the outlet.
Try turning printer power OFF and then ON.
Solid green
The printer is on and in an idle state.
Idling is a normal printer state. No action is necessary.
Solid amber
The printer has failed its power-on self test (POST), there is a memory error, or the printhead needs to cool down.
If this error occurs right after turning on the printer, contact an authorized reseller for assistance. When the printer is operating normally, the printer status light will show amber for about 10 sends before turning green (solid or blinking).
If there is a possibility of a memory error and it occurs after you have been printing, turn printer power OFF and ON, then resume printing.
If the error is because the printer may need to cool down, turn printer power OFF for five minutes or more, then turn it ON. If the amber light persists, the printer requires service
Flashing green
Normal operation
The printer is receiving data.
When the printer has received all the data, the status indicator turns green and it resumes operations.
Flashing red
The media is out or the printhead is open.
If the printer has run out of media or ribbon, load media and ribbon. If the top cover is open, close it.
Then press
to resume printing.
Double flashing green
The printer is paused.
to resume printing.
Flashing amber
The printhead is over temperature.
Printing will stop until the printhead cools to an acceptable printing temperature and resume when it has cooled sufficiently.
Alternately flashing green and red
Needs service
FLASH memory is not programmed.
Return the printer to an authorized reseller.
Flashing red, red, green
Needs service
The printhead or motor has had a critical failure.
Return the printer to an authorized reseller.
Flashing red, amber, green
Printer is defragmenting memory
The printer is defragmenting its memory locations.
Do NOT turn printer power OFF or reset the printer during defragmentation. Doing so can damage the printer.
Defragmentation is part of normal printer operation. It is necessary to manage printer memory space for optimal use. The printer will defragment its memory both after a factory default and when it detects that a defragment is required.
When the printer defragments, give it time to complete the action.
If this warning occurs frequently, check the label formats. Formats which frequently (and repeatedly) write to memory and erase from memory may cause the printer to defragment often. To minimize frequent defragmentation, use formats that do not require frequent and repeated memory write/erase events.
If this warning condition persists after you switch to formats that do not require frequent/repeated memory writes and erase events, the printer needs service. Contact Technical Support for assistance.