ZPL Printer Configuration Format
ZPL Printer Configuration Format

ZPL Printer Configuration Format

Managing more than one printer can be done by creating a printer configuration programming file to send to one or more printers or ZebraNet Bridge can be used to clone a printer’s setup.
The figure below shows the basic structure of a ZPL programming configuration file.
See the ZPL programmer’s guide and the ZPL Configuration Status to Command Cross-reference to create a programming file. The Zebra Setup Utility (ZSU) can be used to send programming files to the printer. Windows Notepad (text editor) can be used to create programming files.
The Configuration Parameter Format Structure is as show below:
— Start Format Command
Format Commands are order sensitive
   a) General Print and command settings
   b) Media handling and behaviors
   c) Media print size
Command to save
— End Format Command