Adjusting the Print Quality
Adjusting the Print Quality

Adjusting the Print Quality

Three factors influence print quality: the printhead's heat (density) setting, the print speed setting for your printer, and the media in use. Experiment with these to find the optimal combination of settings for your print jobs.
Media manufacturers may have specific recommendations for speed settings for your printer and the media. Some media types have lower maximum speeds than your printer’s maximum speed.
Print quality can be set using the
Configure Print Quality
routine in Zebra Setup Utilities.
The relative darkness (or density) setting can be controlled using:
  • The six-flash sequence in FEED Button Modes. This will overwrite any ZPL and EPL programmed darkness/density settings.
  • The Set Darkness (
    ) ZPL command. See the ZPL Programming Guide.
  • The Density (
    ) EPL command. See the EPL Programming Guide.
If you find that the print speed needs to be adjusted, use:
  • The Windows printer driver or application software such as ZebraDesigner.
  • The Print Rate (
    ) command. See your ZPL Programming Guide.
  • The Speed Select (
    ) command. See your EPL Programming Guide.