Fonts and Your Printer
Fonts and Your Printer

Fonts and Your Printer

Your printer supports language and font requirements with a variety of internal fonts, on-board font scaling, international font sets, and character code page support, Unicode support, and font download.
Your printer’s font capabilities are programming-language dependent.
  • The EPL programming language provides basic bitmapped fonts and international code pages.
  • The ZPL programming language provides advanced font mapping and scaling technology to support outline fonts (TrueType or OpenType) and Unicode character mapping as well as basic bitmapped fonts and character code pages.
  • ZPL and EPL programming guides describe and document the fonts, code pages, character access, listing fonts, and limitations for their respective printer programming languages.
See the the ZPL Programming Guide and the EPL Programming Guide for information on text, fonts, and character support. These guides are available from
Printer utilities and application software made available for your printer support font downloads to your printer for both ZPL and EPL printer programming languages.
Some ZPL fonts factory-installed in your printer cannot be copied, cloned, or restored to your printer by reloading or updating firmware. If these license-restricted ZPL fonts are removed by an explicit ZPL object delete command, they must be repurchased and reinstalled using a font activation and installation utility. EPL fonts do not have this restriction.