Adjusting Ribbon Tension
Adjusting Ribbon Tension
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Adjusting Ribbon Tension

For the printer to operate correctly, the ribbon supply spindle and ribbon take-up spindle must use the same tension setting (normal or low tension). Use the normal tension setting seen here for most applications. If you are using narrow ribbon or experience certain ribbon issues, you may need to lower the ribbon tension.

Normal Tension Setting

To place the ribbon spindles in the normal position, firmly pull out each spindle end cap until it extends and clicks in place. Use this setting for most applications.
Normal Tension Setting (Spindle End Caps Pulled Out)

Low Tension Setting

To place a spindle in the low-tension position, firmly push in the end cap until it retracts and clicks in place. Use this setting only when necessary, such as if the ribbon causes scuff marks at the beginning of a roll or if normal tension causes the ribbon to stall at the end of the roll.
Ribbon Spindles— Low Tension Setting (Spindle End Caps Pushed In)