Using Tear-Off Mode
Using Tear-Off Mode
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Using Tear-Off Mode

The media loading path is the same for both roll and fanfold media. Roll media is shown in the images in this section.
  1. Insert media into the printer. See Inserting the Media into the Printer.
  2. Release the printhead assembly.
    As the printhead lever rotates upward, the printhead assembly pivots upward.
  3. Slide the outer media guide all the way out.
  4. Load the media as shown. Make sure that the media passes through the slot in the transmissive media sensor (1) and under the inner media guide (2).  The media should just touch the back of the transmissive media sensor slot.
    The printhead may be hot and could cause severe burns. Allow the printhead to cool.
  5. Slide in the outer media guide until it just touches the edge of the media.
  6. Close the printhead assembly.
  7. Close the media cover.
    Close the media cover with the tear option
  8. Press
    to exit pause mode and enable printing.
    The printer may perform a label calibration or feed a label, depending on your settings.
  9. Verify that your printer is able to print a configuration label by holding both the
    keys for 2 seconds.