Communication Diagnostics Test
Communication Diagnostics Test

Communication Diagnostics Test

The communication diagnostics test is a troubleshooting tool for checking the interconnection between the printer and the host computer. When the printer is in diagnostics mode, it prints all data received from the host computer as straight ASCII characters with the hex values below the ASCII text. The printer prints all characters received, including control codes such as CR (carriage return). Here is an example of a typical test label from this test.
The test label prints upside-down.
Communications Diagnostics Test Label
  1. Set the print width equal to or less than the label width being used for the test. See PRINT WIDTH  for more information.
  2. Set the
    option to
    . See DIAGNOSTIC MODE for more information.
    The printer enters diagnostics mode and prints any data received from the host computer on a test label.
  3. Check the test label for error codes. For any errors, check that your communication parameters are correct.
    Errors show on the test label as follows:
    • FE indicates a framing error.
    • OE indicates an overrun error.
    • PE indicates a parity error.
    • NE indicates noise.
  4. To exit this self test and return to normal operation, power cycle the printer or set the DIAGNOSTIC MODE option to DISABLED.