Cleaning Schedule and Procedures
Cleaning Schedule and Procedures

Cleaning Schedule and Procedures

Routine preventive maintenance is a crucial part of normal printer operation. By taking good care of your printer, you can minimize the potential problems that you might have with it and help to achieve and to maintain your standards for print quality.
Over time, the movement of media or ribbon across the printhead wears through the protective ceramic coating, exposing and eventually damaging the print elements (dots). To avoid abrasion:
  • Clean the printhead frequently.
  • Minimize printhead pressure and burn temperature (darkness) settings by optimizing the balance between the two.
  • When using Thermal Transfer mode, ensure that the ribbon is as wide or wider than the media to prevent exposing the printhead elements to the more abrasive label material.
    Zebra is not responsible for damage caused by the use of cleaning fluids on this printer.
Specific cleaning procedures are provided on the following pages. This table shows the recommended cleaning schedule. These intervals are intended as guidelines only. You may have to clean more often, depending upon your application and media.
Recommended Cleaning Schedule
Direct Thermal Mode: After every roll of media (or 500 feet of fanfold media).
Thermal Transfer Mode: After every roll of ribbon.
Platen roller
Media sensors
Air blow
Ribbon sensor
Air blow
Media path
Ribbon path
Pinch roller (part of Peel-Off option)
Cutter module
If cutting continuous, pressure-sensitive media
After every roll of media (or more often, depending upon your application and media).
If cutting tag stock or label liner material
Solvent* and air blow
After every two or three rolls of media.
Tear-off/peel-off bar
Once a month.
Take-label sensor
Air blow
Once every six months.
* Zebra recommends using Preventive Maintenance Kit (part number 47362). In place of the Preventive Maintenance Kit, you may use a lint-free cloth dipped in 99.7% isopropyl alcohol.