Cable Communication
Cable Communication

Cable Communication

The ZQ600 Plus Series printers can communicate by cable. The specific cable supplied with your printer varies with the host device and your model printer.
The printer should be turned off before connecting or disconnecting a communications cable.
Communications Cable
Communications port
Communications cable
The 14-pin serial connector on your communications cable plugs into the serial communications port on the side of the printer.
USB Communications
The ZQ600 Plus Series printers also have a USB port. The 5-pin connector on the USB cable plugs into the printer. The connectors are keyed to ensure correct alignment; do not try to force the cable if it does not plug in. The other end of the cable must be plugged into the mobile computer or into a serial or USB port on a computer. The ZQ600 Plus Series printers are configured with the USB Open HCI interface driver, allowing them to communicate with Windows-based devices.
RS-232C or USB Communications Cable to Computer
Zebra Designer Driver uses Windows drivers that support printing via Serial, USB, and the network. Mobile computers and other communication devices may require installing special drivers to use the USB connection. Go to for further details.