Extending Battery Life
Extending Battery Life

Extending Battery Life

  • Never expose the battery to direct sunlight or temperatures over 40°C (104°F) when charging.
  • Always use a Zebra charger designed specifically for Lithium-Ion batteries. Any other kind of charger may damage the battery.
  • Use the correct media for your printing requirements. An authorized Zebra re-seller can help you determine the optimum media for your application.
  • Consider using a pre-printed label if you print the same text or graphic on every label.
  • Choose the correct print darkness, and print speed for your media.
  • Use software handshaking (XON/XOFF) whenever possible.
  • Remove the battery if the printer will not be used for a day or more and you are not performing a maintenance charge.
  • Consider purchasing an extra battery.
  • Remember that any rechargeable battery will lose its ability to maintain a charge over time. It can only be recharged a finite number of times before it must be replaced. Always dispose of batteries properly. Refer to Battery and Product Disposal for more information on battery disposal.