Printer Overview
Printer Overview

Printer Overview

This guide provides you with the information needed to operate the ZQ220 Plus and ZQ120 Plus MobilePrinters. The printers use the following technologies to connect to Android and Apple devices:
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • USB charging (Type-C connector)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 - Android devices
  • BLE iOS - Apple devices (iPhone 7s or later, iPad Air, and iPod touch)
The printers use CPCL and ESC/POS programming languages to configure the printer and print properties, label design, and communications. Refer to the CPCL Programming Guide and the ESC/POS Programming guide at for more information.
Software Resources and Utilities:
  • ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise: printer configuration, fleet management
  • Zebra Printer Setup Utilities: single printer configuration, quick setup
  • ZebraDesigner Pro v2: label design
  • Zebra Designer Drivers: Windows driver
  • OPOS Driver: Windows driver
  • Multiplatform SDK or ZQ220 Plus and ZQ120 Plus SDK (CPCL and ESC/POS only)
  • Zebra Downloader
  • Mobile Label Designer (斑马智印)
ZQ220 Plus and ZQ120 Plus Software Utilities:
These utilities can be found on the Zebra website at