Printing a Configuration Report
Printing a Configuration Report

Printing a Configuration Report

To print a configuration report, follow these steps:
  1. Turn the printer off.
  2. Load the media compartment with journal media (media with no black bars or gaps on the back).
  3. Press and hold Media Feed.
  4. Press and release Power and keep Media Feed pressed. When printing starts, release Media Feed. The printer prints a line of interlocking "x" characters to ensure all elements of the printhead are working, prints out the version of software loaded in the printer, and then prints the report.
    The report indicates the model, serial number, baud rate, and more detailed information on the printer’s configuration and parameter settings. See Maintenance and Troubleshooting for sample printouts and a further discussion on how to use the configuration label as a diagnostic tool.
    You can also print a configuration report by turning the printer on, pressing Configure multiple times until you get to the SETTINGS-PRINT screen, and then pressing Media Feed.