Printer Status Icons
Printer Status Icons

Printer Status Icons

The LCD control panel allows the user to view content in one of four modes:
  • Operation Screen Mode
  • Information Screen Mode
  • Configuration Screen Mode
  • Sleep Screen Mode
The default mode, which the user sees upon powering up the printer, is Operation Screen mode. This mode is the display shown when the printer is idle, printing and/or receiving data and has no need to convey information beyond icons shown on the display. The LCD can display up to five status icons, including Status, Media, Data, Bluetooth, and Battery.
Icon Descriptions
Indicates printer is fully operational.
Indicates there is a condition the user should be aware of but the printer is still functional.
Indicates there is something wrong with the printer that prevents some basic functionality from being used.
Indicates media is loaded and ready to print.
Indicates no media is loaded in the printer.
Indicates media cover is unlatched.
Indicates printer is not receiving data.
Indicates printer is receiving data.
Indicates connected to Bluetooth. (No icon means Bluetooth is disconnected.)
Indicates battery charge status.
Indicates battery level while charging.
Indicates printer is getting power from USB.
Indicates battery charge error.