Managing the ZPL Printer Configuration
Managing the ZPL Printer Configuration

Managing the ZPL Printer Configuration

Printers that support ZPL allow you to change printer settings dynamically for fast first-label-out printing. Printer parameters that are persistent will be retained for future formats to use.
These settings will remain in effect until:
  • they are changed by subsequent commands,
  • the printer is reset,
  • printer power is cycled (turned on and off), or
  • you restore a parameter that has a factory default by resetting the printer to its defaults.
You can save and restore printer configurations using the ZPL Configuration Update command (
). This command initializes (or re-initializes) the printer with pre-configured settings.
  • To retain the current settings after the printer is reset or the power is cycled, send the
    ZPL command to the printer to save all current persistent settings.
  • To restore the last-saved values to the printer, use the
ZPL stores all parameters when you issue the
command. The legacy EPL programming language (supported by your ZD Series printer) changes and saves individual commands immediately.
Most printer settings are shared between ZPL and EPL. For example, changing the speed setting with EPL will also change the speed set for ZPL operations. The changed EPL setting will persist even after a power cycle or reset issued using either printer language.
To help manage your printer, you can instruct the printer to print a Configuration Report. The report lists operating parameters, sensor settings, and printer status among other details (see Managing the ZPL Printer Configuration). You can also print this and other reports using the Zebra Setup Utility and the ZebraDesigner Windows driver.