Status Indicator

Status Indicator

The STATUS indicator cues you into basic printer health and operational status (including powered-up and powered-down states).
Familiarize yourself with these printer indicator conditions and what they mean:
This condition...
The printer is READY for print and data activity.
Flashing Green
Normal Operation—Printer may be COMMUNICATING or PROCESSING data.
Double Flashing Green—two short flashes followed by one long flash
The printer is PAUSED.
Flashing Red
Media Alert—The printer is:
  • open
  • out of media (ribbon, paper, labels, tags, etc.)
  • unable to sense the loaded media
  • detecting a cut error
Flashing Amber
Over Temp—The printhead is over temperature and must cool to resume printing.
Flashing Red-Red-Green
Critical Over Temp—The printhead or motor has failed.
For information on how to interpret and troubleshoot error conditions, see Troubleshooting.