Zebra 标签打印解决方案
Zebra Label-Printing Solution

Zebra Label-Printing Solution

Your printer is one of three parts of your printing solution. To print, you will also need print media suitable to your printer and software to configure your printer for use.
The printer can operate in standalone mode. It does not have to be connected to other devices or systems to print.
What you need to print using your printer
Compatible media
You can use direct thermal media with this printer. (Direct thermal printing does not require ribbon.)
Media may be labels, tags, tickets, receipt paper, fanfold stacks, tamper-proof labels, etc. depending on your printing needs.
Use information from zebra.com/supplies or from your reseller to identify and procure media for your specific use cases.
  • Printer drivers
  • Printer programming utilities
  • Applications (such as for label design)
Use these drivers and applications to configure and manage your printer and your print jobs from a central device such as a PC or laptop.
For information on installing the drivers, see Installing the Windows Printer Drivers.
You can use ZebraDesigner—a free application for Windows PC operating systems—to design simple labels and forms. It is available to download from zebra.com.